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This instruction provided by Calvin - CoiThienThai.Com's Webmaster


STEP 1: Download VPS Key version 4.3 at 

STEP 2: Install VPS Key into your computer.

STEP 3: Start up your VPS Key, you will get to this window

VPS Key when you start VPS Key
Figure 1: Snap shot of VPS Key when you start to open it.

STEP 4: Select the "Ky Thuat" tab

Select tab "Ky Thuat"
Figure 2: Select tab "Ky Thuat"

STEP 5: From "Sua Bang Ma" click the down arrow and select ":Unicode" (meaning we will use Unicode type)

Select ":Unicode" from "Sua Bang Ma"
Figure 3: Select ":Unicode" from "Sua Bang Ma" (click the down arrow)

STEP 6: After you choose ":Unicode", a small window will pop up to ask for confirmation. Click the "Thay Doi" button to accept. From there, in the bottom you will see how to type the accent (', `, ?, ~, ., ^, etc.)

Click the "Thay Doi" button to accept the change
Figure 4: Click the "Thay Doi" button to accept the change.

STEP 7: Click "OK" to start using VPS Key to type Unicode.

Click "OK" to start using VPS Key to type Unicode font
Figure 5: Click "OK" button to start using VPS Key to type Unicode font.

STEP 8: Open Microsoft Word, choose font "Tahoma" or "Times New Roman" on the font and start typing Vietnamese texts. (DO NOT CLOSE VPS KEY, YOU WILL NEED IT TO TYPE VIETNAMESE TEXTS).

Type Vietnamese texts
Figure 6: Choose font "Tahoma" or "Times New Roman" and start to type Vietnamese texts.

Good luck and enjoy the Unicode !


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